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1×2 Soccer Prediction ACCA Betting Tips Kicks Off

Following the huge successful win rate of our Free 1X2 betting predictions over the past 2 weeks, we have decided to make it even better. In order to remain one of the best soccer prediction site, we are partnering with one of the best 1X2 betting tipsters in the betting industry to offer time-based 1×2 Soccer Prediction Acumulator (ACCA) Tips, yet make the work load less for us and still maintain the quality and time give to our Draws Predictions.

Using the same time-based approach we use in our Draws Prediction, we will be giving out Premium 1X2 ACCA betting tips daily. The 1×2 Soccer Prediction ACCA will be between 5 and 10 odds, or even get to 15 odds. This means that you have another window of making a passive income from sports betting tips using our ever reliable tips.

How Will This 1×2 Soccer Prediction ACCA Work?

Every day, we will will work with our betting tipsters send out our different time-based tips to our 1×2 VIP subscribers. Just like in our draws betting tips, it will be time based. You play the first set of 1×2 Soccer Prediction ACCA starting with a base sum (or singles if you like). At the end of the last game of the ACCA, if you win, you also play the next ACCA betting tips set with the same base amount. But if it loses, you multiply your stake by 1.5x. This way, as you win (which will be more frequent) you will recoup the lost amount plus some profit. Its our Increasing Stake Betting System from your premier soccer prediction site

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How Much Should You Bet?

We strongly suggest a maximum of US$10. Like we preach, our tips are not a get-rich-quick scheme, but a Sports Betting Passive Income source. At 5 odds, you will be wining $50 for the first set of ACCA. We will likely be sending out 2-5 sets of 1×2 Soccer Prediction ACCA daily. So if you bet 5 ACCAs and win just 2, you have won an average of $30 for the day. If you win 3, its $100, 4 wins will net you $150 daily. We have checked our ACCA betting tips histroty recently, its doable; Plus our 1×2 Betting Expert, remember?

How Much is the Betting Tips By The Betting Tipsters?

It will be moderately priced at US$10 Weekly; $15 for 2 weeks; $20 for 1 month. Remember we have staff to pay who do all the research for you just to win, and we also maintain our Computer system equiped with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Maintaining a top soccer prediction site that is not based on AD revenue is no childs play. The price will be updated on our VIP Subscription Page soon

Another Option To Double Your passive income from Sports Betting

An ingenius way to double your chances of winning is now possible. How? Simple! For those who are subscribed to our Draws VIP Predictions here is what to do: After placing your draws bet using our tips, you may wish to use same draw tip to add to the 1×2 Soccer Prediction ACCA betting tips and place a second bet within the same time frame. This way you will be having about 15.6 Odds (Draws average 3.12 odds, ACCA average 5 draws). If you place a $10 ACCA bet, its a cool $150. One win a day alone is all you need to smile to the bank. Then also, you may wish to place the $10 ACCA bet also, making it 3 bets in total within the same time frame. You indirectly become a betting expert yourself!

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Is there an introductory Offer?

Sure. To enable our followers and intending ones test out our tips and in celebration of the Chinese New Year, we will be giving out FREE 1X2 ACCA betting tips (odds 5-15) from now till February 10th. We are so sure you will make enough money to start paying the premium service by then. Remember, its from trusted Betting Tipsters

How about the Free Soccer Prediction Site?

Like we stated, the free soccer predictions will only be made when we have spare time and tips we feel we can give out free and yet they can win. There is no need giving losing betting tips.

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Happy Chinese New Year.
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