Financial Freedom: How To Make a Living via Sports Betting

Financial Freedom: How To Make a Living via Sports Betting

Lets face it – there is simply only one way to make a living by attaining Financial freedom in Sports betting. Anyone that tells you otherwise is not truthful and is dancing to the gallery. The reason? The bookmakers (those that set the odds in sports betting) are shrewd at it and sets almost everything to their own favour, barr one. That is BETTING ON DRAWS in Soccer Betting.

A big mistake many of us make while searching for a passive income opportunity that can guarantee financial freedom and enable us make a living is to target those that dont have. If you want to get a steady money flow as passive income, why not look at those whose pockets are stuffed? Why not look at the sports bookies? These people have the excess money to spare.

Using the draw betting strategy in soccer betting is the only way to make a living and attain financial freedom there is. The simple reason being that every other option comes with small odds which are wipped out the moment you lose one bet. Normal betting on Win or Loss or Double chance is simply as funnel to suck in bettors and milk them – the moment you consider it, you are already set to lose money. While other possible winning options have a maximum of 1.2 – 1.5 odds spread, odds on draws range from 2.8x – 3.4 (3.2 odds is the average for draw games).

The draw betting strategy in our soccer draw betting system accomodates the times you lose a bet. Even when you lose a bet or two or three, your next win not only makes you profit, but it returns all your cumulative losses (if any). This is made possible due to our Increasing Stake Betting System. By combining our carefully researched soccer draw prediction tips together with our increasing stake betting system, you are certain to win in the long run (weekly/monthly). Any system that doesnt cover you when you ‘lose’ is not a good source of financial freedom and cannot be relied upon to make a living

The most common question we get asked is, how are we sure our draw betting tips will be accurate? Well, we are not lying that we are able to give 100% draw prediction, but on the average, we are on a 42% accurate prediction success rate. In exclusive draw betting betting and using our increasin stake betting system, this is a huge figure. This is made possible because of our years of expertise in researching draws in football games and our intuitive computer programme that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to pick out draw games.

Using our $20 recommended base staking amount, this is sure to guarantee you over $2,000 passive income monthly! We have our draw betting history to prove it. Also you can read through various testimonials from our happy VIP members from all around the world who use our VIP betting tips to make a living and gain financial freedom.

How To Make a Living via Sports Betting for gain Financial Freedom
Its very simple. If you subscribe to our Weekly, Forthnightly or Monthly VIP membership, we will send you daily WhatsApp messages or Emails containing the tips for the following day soccer games that will end in draws with the starting time for the game. You are expected to simply register with a bookie of your choice and place the bet as a draw. If the 1st game ends in a draw, you also place the 2nd game with same amount. But if the game doesn’t end in a draw, you bet the next game by multiplying the amount staked in the first game by 1,5x.

Using our recommended $20 base stake amount for instance, assuming you win the first game, you repeat the next by also betting $20. But if it doesnt end in draw, you now bet $20 multiplied by 1.5, which is $30. If you win this time, you return to the base amount once again, but if you lose, you also multiply this amount once more by 1.5 which will then be $45. Once you win here, you not only make profit, but you regain your losses ($20+$30+$45 = $95). Lets explain: You lost a total of $95 but won $144 (3.2 X $45) = $49 profit. Then you return to the base stake amount.

Its that simple – we do all the dirty work of sneefing out the draws. you only place the bets and collect the winnings. That is the only assured way to Financial Freedom that will enable you Make a Living via Sports Betting. That is what passive income is all about.

To join the elite few who have attained financial freedom and making a living using our soccer draw betting tips and smiling to the bank daily, weekly and monthly, Join our VIP

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