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Football Draw Prediction Banker For This Weekend, Every Weekend

We are again giving out Football Draw Prediction Banker For This Weekend and every weekend. This follows the success of VIP members and the high hit rate of our estwhile discarded draws. Of course, this is subject to availability.

Like we have always made our followers to know, in the course of researching games for draws, there are bound to be likely soccer draw games that take place same time. And by our unique draw betting system, it is imperative that for any particular time bracket, only one game will be sent out to our VIP members to serve as the football banker bets.

During the weekend, there are even more soccer draw predictions which games take place same time. There are even much more in the United Kingdom and the English Premier League in particular. This has led to so many weekend draws prediction being discarded by us before this time. We can afford to give out 4 draws football tips every weekend.

Weekend Pool Draws can be gotten from this updates every weekend. The English and Scotish football leagues will be represented much more in our prediction basket. You can be sure to get Football Pools Draws This Weekend and every weekend going forward (subject to availability, LoL)

Frequency Of Football Draws

On the average, there are less than 80 soccer games on weekdays with Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays having the least. But during an average weekends, there are over 120 football games played on Saturdays and Sundays. Naturally, this will also produce more draws than the weekdays.

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You may think that our football draw prediction banker for this weekend and all other weekends may not be as accurate as our VIP 100% draw prediction, this is not correct. While some may refer to our free weekend draws prediction as second rate and therefore not good to rely on, results have proven otherwise.

Comparisson between our VIP Draw Tips and the free draws shows that the free draws are only about 18% less accurate. While our VIP draws have clocked over 42% accuracy, the free draws are clocking over 30% accuracy already. And this is mainly because they dont come on a daily basis. And as can be seen from <<<< this results, >>>> those using our free draws have made over $300 already.

The only downside is that unlike our VIP draw predictions, we dont give the free draws everyday. And though we email our subscribers sometimes to inform them when we publish these free draws and 1X2 Soccer banker prediction, we make it a duty to send our VIP draws on a daily basis to the whatsapp and/or email of our VIP subscribers.

What Football Draw Prediction Banker For This Weekend Means To You

With our football draw prediction banker for this weekend and every weekend, it means that you will be sure to get 4 draws football tips every weekend. You may chose to refer to it as weekend pool draws or football pools draws this weekend, one thing is sure – You Will Profit From Them.

While we promise to try as much as possible to deliver these weekend draws prediction to your email, sometimes we may not be able to do this due to work load. It means you will need to visit our Free Draws Page to get them. And also dont forget to check out the free 1X2 ACCA tips.

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How To Bet With The Free Weekend 4 Draws Football Tips

We strongly suggest you bet these draw tips as single bets. As you know, the average odds for our draw predictions is 3.12, so going it single with high stake makes a lot of sense. In some cases, you may chose to play them in alternating pairs.

Which ever model of staking you use, you should be sure that you are betting on well researched games with high probability. And you sure will profit from them. That is our assurance. And remember to visit our Draw Prediction Blog to stay updated.


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