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Weekend Pool Draws Predictions: Banker Winning Strategy

Weekend Pool Draws has been a sure way of winning sizable amounts all across the world, even though its source can be traced to the UK. Also known as UK Pools Draws, it is mostly limited to weekends. This means that bettors are limited to making money only 52 weekends of the year.

For some, this is ok, but for serious bettors interested in making serious money from sports betting, this is grossly inadequate, hence they need options not only to play more, but also to (almost) guarantee that the time and effort they put into reaearching is not wasted by a single game spoiling their slip.

The way the weekend pool draws work is that bettors have to select a set of football games from the United Kingdom that will end in draws. There are many metrics that bettors use to make their predictions, and as is expected, most don’t go according to plan, and they end up losing their staked money. Pool prediction for this weekend and all week for that matter takes too much effort to work out, so failing is not a welcome option.

And to ensure the winning is sizable, the bettors accumulate (acca) more than one game. As this is done, the risk of losing increases exponentially. It takes a lot of time and effort to do the research, and when it fails, it may lead to frustration. That is why bettors look out for betting strategies that kind of guarantees some sort of winning, considering there are only 52 opportunities in the year.

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Enter – the Full Time Draw Prediction Site. Using our increasing stake betting strategy and machine learning artificial intelligence (AI), we are able to pick out football draws more than the average human can. Though we are not limited to Weekend Pool Draws Predictions, who really cares? Winning money is the thing, the league its won from shouldn’t be a hinderance.

With our draw picks from all around the world, backed with our increasing stake betting strategy, bettors  are almost guaranteed to win consistently. Moreover, because we release betting draw tips on a daily basis, our VIP members are guaranteed to receive our draw predictions daily on their mobile phones, via whatsapp.

And because our betting history has shown that our VIP members win regularly, it kind of makes it a source of passive income, virtually doing nothing! All that is required after buying any of our VIP membership packages is to stay back and receive daily draw betting predictions from us, be it weekend or weekday!

Beyong weekend pool draws, there are some who claim they are Fixed Pool Draws Expert. Even though we can brag to be, but we don’t. At a 42% correct predictions (and increasing due to our machine learning AI) it becomes impossible for you not to make profits using our services. It is such that even when you lose a bet or two, you recoup your loss and still make profits on the very next winning bet. And this has been consistent, as can be confirmed by viewing our betting history. So whether bettors are looking for football pools draws this weekend or for the entire week, betondraws has you covered.

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The internet is filled with all sorts of “experts”, some even claim they predict Weekend Fixed Draws, Live Fixed Draw or one banker every week, while others term themselves uk pools fixed draws experts, claiming to offer weekend prediction bankers and pool banker of the week!

While we may not be able to say their reliability in terms of predicting draws accurately, one thing we know is that THE UK FOOTBALL LEAGUES IS NOT A KNOWN FOR ACCURATELY PREDICTING FOOTBALL DRAWS!!! So the next time someone offers to give you football draw prediction banker for this weekend or other weekends, know that the odds are stacked against you. It will be better if they said its “possible draws this weekend” when talking about UK weekend pool draws.

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