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This draw comes at 3.25 odds
Good to end a poor day with a DRAW still
Kick off. First game 💪
Second DRAW 💪💪
Wow. Happy we got this right 💪
That's a 3.30 odds baby 💪💪
First game 💪
Extra time DRAW 💪💪
It's 3 FT Draws for today. Tomorrow looks more promising 💪💪💪
Little extra consolation
Kick-off 💪
This extra draw compensates for the extra time loss from Irish League
Hahahaha. 3.80 odds baby is our first game today 💪
Hahahahaha we get our revenge with this extra time DRAW 💪💪 2 from 2 so far
3 from 3 Full Time Draws today 💪💪💪
Yesterday's late DRAW
HUGE!!! That's a 3.40 odds DRAW 💪
6th minute extra time goal denied us our first draw today. We got this one next 💪
HAHAHAHA. That's our extra time equalizer. REVENGE 💪💪
Starting early with this DRAW 💪