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Back to Back to Back DRAWS 💪💪💪
First DRAW today
And we end the day with this 3.20 odds DRAW
Glad to inform be the day with this 3.10 odds DRAW
1 from 2 yesterday
1 from 1 💪
Nice 3 odds to start the Black Friday
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We kicked off with the first draw for the day. Did you miss that?
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Happy Black Friday
BetOnDraws Team
We end the day as we started, with a 3.0 odds DRAW
After many days of break due to International football, we forgot to post yesterday's DRAW win
Today's DRAW win
Earlier today
Nice to kick-off today with this 3.20 odds DRAW
Nice Extra DRAW to end the day
What a DRAW at 3.30. We see on some Bookies it went up to 3.60 💪
2 DRAWS from 3 today. Not bad at all 💪💪
Good 3 odds earlier today 💪

Israel Liga Leumit
Ramat HaSharon : Ironi Rishon
Boommm. Our Free game today comes in 💪💪

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Kick off 3.40 odds