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Back to back
Glad to end the day with a DRAW
From Africa with Love ❤️❤️
Glad to be back with a DRAW after the short break
It's back-to-back DRAW 💪💪
It's 3 straight DRAWS. 💪💪💪
Won last night in a day of just 2 FT predictions
Pheeeeew. From 2-0 to DRAW 💪
A good day at the office 2/3 💪💪
Glad to be back after the break
Always nice to end the day with a DRAW 💪💪
2 equalising goals in extra time. Is it fixed? We don't know, but we got this right !!
First game today 💪
Many more leagues are returning. Sweet song 🙏
Always glad to end the day with a DRAW
That's a 3.60 odds DRAW against the bookies 😁
Early results 💪
Good night 💪💪
That's a 3.50 odds DRAW to start the day 💪