In simple terms, Bet on Draws works by combining draw picks generated by machine-learning artificial intelligence computer systems with our many years of draws prediction experience and an intuitive bet staking system known as Increasing Stake Betting System, which if backed with a sizeable staking bankroll, ensures that bettors win the bookies regularly and consistently. This has meant that our subscribers win consistently and profit by using our draws picks. Below is how Bet Draws works to make you tons of Dollars weekly and monthly.

Members Pay a VIP Membership Subscription
We are a serious professional company, not part timers, and so we take what we do
seriously, dedicating our time to it to see that our members win real money. So this
means that we dont work for free. We charge a fee for providing winning tips for our
paying members. But be assured that what members pay is a tiny fraction of what they
eventually win, and we have out betting history to prove this. You can see our VIP subscription packages by clicking here.

We Research Draws and Send to Members
Using our years of experience in draw prediction and the help of our super computer
systems with artificial intelligence (AI), we are able to pick soccer draws which we send to these our paying subscribers. The AI system has a machine-learning ability meaning that its efficiency at helping us pick draws becomes better every day. When we started using it, our draws success rate was at 34%. But we have worked together and slowly it has learned and corrected its flaws, and now our efficiency is at 42%.

Draw Bet of The Day
Everyday, we send draw bet of the day to our subscribers via WhatsApp. This contains our carefully and masterfully predicted draw tips for the day in order of play and kick-off time. By this, subscribers are expected to stake their bets one at a time: bet on the first match, wait for it to finish, then decide what amount to stake for the second predicted draw match.

Bettors Bet on Draws
After receiving our daily football draw predictions, members stake on the first game,
then wait for the result to know what to do for the next game. If it wins, you bet the
next game same amount, otherwise you bet on the next game by increasing your staking amount by 1.5X. This way, when you win, you not only get the profits for the game, but you also regain the amount lost in the previous games. This is what we call increasing staking betting system.

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What is Increasing Stake Betting System?
It is a betting strategy that ensures that bettors make money consistently, as long as
its combined with winning predictions. Its such that even when our picks fail a few
times, members get to regain their loss PLUS their normal profit in the very next
successful bet. It works by multiplying your lost stake amount by 1.5X when you place the next bet. Immediately you win, you return to your initial staking amount.

Lets say you start off with a stake of $20, here is how it works out:
1st Bet – $20 = Lost ($20 lost)
2nd Bet – $30 ($20 x 1.5) = Lost ($50 lost in total)
3rd Bet – $45 ($30 x 1.5) = Lost ($95 lost in total)
4th Bet – $68 ($45 x 1.5) = Won (at average of 3.12 odds for draws) ($212 won)
5th Bet – $20

From the above, the bettor lost $95 but won $212, making a cool profit of $117 for the correct 4 draws football tips we sent. And such profits happens almost every day. Knowing to apply the ISBS is no big deal, but being able to pick winning soccer draws is the main thing and which is what has set us apart in the business of draw betting prediction. It works, bet draws works.

Though, soccer draw bettors have to be responsible and careful. They should stake the smallest amount they can afford to lose about 2-5 times or even more. This is to ensure they do not finish their bankroll before they get to winning ways again. Draw betting is a serious business only for people with a sizeable betting bankroll.

We suggest a bankroll minimum of $450-$650. For this your base starting stake should be $20. Don’t be greedy, this is not a get-rich-scheme, and we are not promoting it as same. Rather see it as a source for regular guaranteed income.

Bank You Draw Betting Winnings
Using our predictions, our members have won consistently and smiled to the bank. Its no hype. We have our betting history data to prove it. Our VIP members have never reported losing money in the long run, NEVER! This is because bet draws works! You too can experience this sweet feeling of regularly beating the bookies be

how bet on draws works

Our Sure Draw Bet
Our draw prediction picks as you would expect cannot be 100% sure football predictions, hence you do not expect to win 100% of the time. But they are good enough to get an average of 40-42 correct predictions monthly. By this, our members have remained consistently profitable. Remember for every one or 2 bets lost, our member bettors successfully regains it in the next game or few more games.

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