Why is your Website Registered 2018 if you had years of Experience?

We have a little history. We were doing same draw bet picking as 3 members – 1 of us was the draws researching expert, another 1 was the mathematics expert, while the 3rd was our internet expert and website anchor.

Our 3rd member (the internet guy) got greedy and started cheating behind our backs with his knowledge of the internet. Two of us found out, and because he couldn’t refund the huge sums he had cheated on us, we decided to break the membership bond.

That is why 2 of us and a 3rd new member registered betondraws.com starting this new European football season. As you can see, almost all the designs and articles on the website were done within a week, because we just had to reproduce some of our old stuff on here.

But be rest assured that the brains behind the draws picking are top notch.

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