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EPL Secret Draw Key Which Predicts Full Time Draws Correctly

We are glad to inform our many VIP members and the general public that we have commenced using the EPL Secret Draw Key which we used to great effect last season to bank much full time draws,

Recently, we have been sending emails to our VIP members and email subscribers about this, asking them to take advantage of it and win more full time draws along with us. We explained that the secret key for this season will begin working on the weekend of 19-09-2020.

What is EPL Secret Draw Key?

The EPL Secret Draw Key is a secret compilation of football matches that shows that when 2 teams meet in Great Britain, another match XYZ in some other country/league will end in a full-time draw. Its that simple. It’s a secret only a few around the world have.

For example, it looks something like this:
Whenever Arsenal meets West Ham in the EPL, a certain match in German Bundesliga 2 will end in a draw. This is just an example. But below we show you some few real-life results to prove it works

When does the EPL Secret Draw Key start and end?

The secret method of forecasting full time draws starts in the second week of the EPL season. Most times, it ends on the third week before the EPL season ends, but there are instances when it goes over. Even when the British teams play friendlies.

Now you have the chance to use it in your favor. We are not saying its fixed games, but we have tested it and in over 90% of the time, it worked.

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How Long does the Draw Sequence Last?

It varies! We have seen some seasons when the sequence lasts for 3 seasons and also have seen some last just for 2 seasons. But for sure, it lasts more than 1 season.

Examples of the EPL Secret Draw Key producing draws season after season

Example 1

epl draw key example

Whenever Dundee United meets St. Mirren in the Scottish Premiership, go to the Chinese CFA China League and look for Shaanxi Da Qin Spring VS Zhejiang Greentown and, depending on specific factors, mark it as a SURE BANKER DRAW.

in the 2019 season, the EPL Secret Draw Key showed us that the 2 games were set to hold on the same date, but 2 months apart (it specifically stated that it had to be an odd number month – Match 03 and May 05). As usual, we staked the Chinese game as a full-time draw.

Both sets of games ended up as a full time draw with the match between Shaanxi Da Qin Spring VS Zhejiang Greentown on 23 Mar 2019, ending in a 0-0 draw, while the Scottish teams also played out a 0-0 draw on 23 Mar 2019.

in the 2020/2021 season, both teams again appear together, this time to play on the same date. As usual, the EPL Secret Draw Key showed us the Chinese game will end in a draw.

We predicted it as same and the game ended in a 1-1 draw with the equalizer coming in 4th minute of extra time. Coincidence?

Example 2

EPL Secret Draw Key

Whenever Einheit Rudolstadt meets Plauen in the Germany Oberliga NOFV- Sud amateur league, you should search to make sure if West Bromwich Albion of England does not have a match on the same day. If they do not, the German game will SURELY end in a draw. Furthermore, they will do a win and draw series, meaning that of the 2 league meetings between the 2 teams in a season, one will end in a win while the other will end in a draw.

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This game was so popular in the secret betting world, that even when the game was 3-0 in the first half, punters were still placing draw bets at over 20 odds. The game ended in a 3-3 draw with a dying minute equalizer. The sequence stopped due to this expose. Another coincidence?

There are many more like this, but we won’t reveal everything. Why did we reveal these? Their sequence has ended.

Are these Fixed Draw Matches?

We cannot say if they are fixed matches or not, as we do not know exactly, but what we know is that in over 90% of the time, the sequence works perfectly and there are always very late equalizing goals to seal the draws.

I want to buy the EPL Secret Draw Key; What is the price?

Sorry, the secret key is not for sale. We are bound not to reveal it to anyone, but we use it as part of our draw prediction system at The only way to benefit from it is to subscribe to BetOnDraws full time draw prediction.

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