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Using Live Fixed Matches To Get 100% Draw Prediction

Are you involved in match fixing? This is the third most popular question we get asked when people contact us via email or live chat. This isn’t unexpected. Just because we are so successful in picking out soccer draws, people always ask us if we are involved in match fixing or if we pay for fixed matches. They ask: – “Do you guarantee fixed pool draws” or “are you a fixed pool draws expert”. Some even go as far as asking “do you give live fixed draw” or “weekend fixed draws”? We merely use the tag 100% Draw Prediction to show we are amongst the best if not the best football prediction site free. Statistics shows it!

While we have tried on many occassions to debunk any such scenario, we cannot confirm or debunk the possibility of a fixed match sindicate. But as a full time draw prediction site, what we have to say is that our success in picking out soccer draws has nothing to do with fixed matches. Our draw predicting success is wholly down to our experience in the art, coupled with the aid of Artificial Intelligence computer system which learns more and more as we continue in our draw prediction business.

Most recently, one of the VIP Draw Tips suscribers to our draw prediction service asked if we involved in fixed matches underworld. This was so because according to the VIP member, we used the phrase “something was cooking” just 45 minutes before an Israel National League match which we predicted would end in a draw ended in a goalles draw, despite a player of the visiting team receiving a red card. That should not lead to insinuations of being involved in match fixing or even tagging us Fixed Pool Draws Expert.

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Using Fixed Matches To Get 100% Draw Prediction
VIP Draw Predictions Subscriber wants to know if we do Match Fixing

He rightly observed that it was the third time withing a two month period that such had happened after we had a bad streak of losses in our draw predictions. Our draw tips had uncharasteristically lost 5 games in a
stretch and we next tips sent out to our subscribers came late before the first tipped match was to start. Needless to say that those games ended in full time draws, it went on to get back all the losses of our VIP members plus the additional profits that usually comes, using our Increasing Stake Betting System.

While this may look all planned and setup as a soccer match fixing scenario by a fixed pool draws expert, we can only say it is coincidental. For every lost prediction, we usually double our efforts to make sure the next tip is more accurate. Though it may not always happen, but at an average of 42% successful draw predictions, we can say we are the best draw prediction site you can find around. While we do not lay claim to offer 100% draw prediction, we can boast that our draw predictions is used by our subscribers to earn an average of $2,200 USD monthly (using a $20 base stake and employing our increasing stake betting system).

Fixed Pool Draws Expert to get 100% draw prediction
Our Draw Prediction Email 45 Minutes Before The Match

What may look like a classic fixed match scenario to some, is actually a norm to us. We have mastered the art of predicting football draws. As can be discovered in our draw betting history, we predict an average of 2.36 correct draw tips. This means we cannot go two days without correctly putting profits into your pockets. Only three times in our history had we given five straight wrong draw predictions. And it was on the next correct draw prediction that followed those three losing streaks that sparked the suspicion of match fixing by us.

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What bettors should understand is that there is no such thing. While we can claim to be a Fixed Pool Draws Expert capable of predicting correct draws, it is not same thing as weekend fixed draws or even Live Fixed Draws. Those that ask if we are a Fixed Pool Draws Expert should understand this

Whatever be your opinion about us on the issue of fixed matches, just believe in our full time draw predictions, continue to subscribe to our VIP tips and continue making money in soccer betting consistently.

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