What is Difference Between Main Draws and Extra Draws?

The main full time draws are what you will call the best options. But it doesn’t mean the extra draws are not as good. It’s simply that our staking pattern means that only one game will be sent for a particular time (no 2 games will interfere with each other).

But naturally, there are times when 2 games will appear in our predictions as correct draws, so much that we feel both have the same chances of ending in a draw, or that both simply are good enough, but the 2 games start about the same time. So in such a situation, we will keep one such game as the main draw and the second as an extra draw.

Another reason we may add some games as extra draws is a situation where the game appears as a draw in our prediction but is not popular enough in most big bookies. Because we serve the whole world, we check all our predictions with bet365 and other major bookmakers. We remove games that don’t appear in these popular book makers.

Yet, there are some very good games for draw which are available in a few regional bookies but not available in major bookmakers. SO we will keep such games in the extra draws. Some members will find them useful.

Another reason is that some very popular games in popular bookmakers may not be available in some regional or local bookmakers in some countries. So while the games may be available in most countries, they may be unavailable in a few countries. SO if we come across some good draw predictions, we add them to extra draws so that when members don’t get these popular games in their country bookmakers, they may come across those less popular games in their own country

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