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Accurate Betting Tips By The Best Betting Tipsters

In todays world where betting tips are flying all over the internet by  supposed gurus and “leading” betting tipsters, its very easy for sports  bettors to be misled in their quest for a quick win. A single loss or a bad day’s football prediction by a known good tipster is all many bettors need to  flee and start searching for another tipster.

Due to the increased volume of people betting in football, their has been a  correspondent increase in betting tipsters ready to provide betting tips to  them. Also the number of sporting activities and markets put up for online  betting is enoumous. For example, a single Football League game in England  Premiership has over 69 markets where bettors can select on an average  bookmaker site. Each of these in turn has different outcomes to chose. This  is the major reason why rookies easily get confused.

In this article, we will enlighten users on how to go about knowing a good  betting tisters and “the rest”. If you have ever thought seriously about  earning reasonable money from sports betting, its most likely that you have  thought about signing up with a tipster. This becomes more alluring when  you come across someone who has profited from tips received from them. But  first, let us inform you about our betting tipsters offerings.

What we Provide at BetOnDraws

As a professional tipsters that provides mostly accurate predictions, especially in the  full time draw market, focuses mostly on provision of tips  related to the soccer games that ends in full time draws. Though as we  stated in our draw betting blog, in the course of researching our full time draw tips, we come  across very highly likely results that favour other markets, these we offer  free to our members.

full time draw winners
Recent Winning Draw Tips by

For our services, we charge a fee from 3 days to 1 month subscription. For  this fee, we provide 2-9 full time draw betting tips to our vip  subscribers. If you want to test our tips and profit from it like many, use
this link to get a new member discount.

Also we have a section for free bet tips, including free draw tips. Do not let the free tag confuse you, the free draw betting tips  are as good as the premium tips. Its inevitable that we have to give it out  because our betting startegy demands that only one game be backed within a  certain time frame. So any other game, no matter how likely it seems, will  have to give way. Read up testimonials by some of our VIP members here.

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How To Know Accurate Betting Tips

Most times, the difference between what bettors term a good betting tips is  just the attractiveness of the tipster’s website. Others simply rely of a  short term run of good results to make up their mind. Unknown to them, this  might just be a lucky sreak. In a crowded marktplace that the betting  tipsters arena is right now, it can be very difficult to differentiate  quality from quantity.

There are however some pointers on how to determine which betting tipsters  is actually providing quality betting tips, not just by looking at their  past records, but by some things we will enumerate here.

Consistent Profit Rather Than Number Betting Tips

The major indices to determine an accurate betting tipster is to calculate  the amount of consistent profit that you earn from their betting tips, not the number  of predictions. Because bets are backed by odds, you may actually win 10  correctly predicted tips with low odds and 2 of their bet predictions can  go wrong and wipe away the entire profit, that is if you dont end up with a  negative bankroll using their bet numbers.

betting tips for consistent profits by betting tipster betondraws
Accurate Betting Tips Guarantees Profits

There are many games that are easy call, but they come with very small and  negligible odds. Even a non football enthusiast may be able to predict the  outcome. When a supposed betting tipsters sends you 10s of such betting  tips and they win, you are happy. But how much profit has the betting tips sites brought to  your bankroll. Also how much losses have you incurred by using the risky  and not well researched bet predictions from same tipster? One or 2 of such  bad tips will reverse any profits made earlier.

Without sounding boastful, this is one area that sets betondraws apart. We  are one of a very few betting tipsters site that dont just provide full  time draw tips, but our hot prediction site bring consistent profits to our VIP  members. This is made doubly sure with our increasing stake betting system.

Tipster That Benefit When You Lose Money.

Unknow to many bettors, numerous tipsters actually earn money when you  lose. Unlike professional tipsters, they are affiliates (marketing partners) to the bookies, and the  major source of their income is shared revenue from your loss. The bookies  pay them ranging from 25% – 45% of the money you lost. There are  insinuations, and rightly so, that most of them actually offer wrong  betting tips mixed with some obviously correct football prediction. This way,  the bettors is most likely to lose and will not see any need to blame the betting tips sites, as many of his other bet predictions actually came through.

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Some of these so called betting tipsters can be found on social media  giving out free super tips betting tips. Other setup flashy betting sites from where  they lure unsuspecting bettors into their scheme. For their honest looks,  they really do not care if you lost money, as that is the source of their  survival, unfortunately so. But they will outwardly claim to be offering best football tips for today. We call them backdoor profiting tipsters

How to Spot Backdoor Profiting Tipsters

Its very easy to spot such bettors with the flury of bookmaker promotions  on their website and social media pages. While there are a few who do this  just as another source of income (when it comes), some actually depend on  it full time. For instance, for over 2 years that has  operated, we have never promoted any bookmaker. This is purposeful to  create confidence with out VIP members. Though we have recently considered  promoting select bookies, the idea is not to rely on your losses as our
sole income source, but because we know some people come in and rush out.

bookmakers share profits with betting tipsters who provide betting tips
Sports Betting Bookmakers

For our consistent members, they can be sure that even when they loss here  and there, the main idea is to become proftable in the long run. When they  are profitable, we do not earn any affiliate money from the bookies for  their loss because the bookies actally lost due to our correct betting  tips. But surely, there are some junketting bettors every now and then. We  can as well earn from them. Our main source of income is the membership  fees paid by vip members for our betting tips and bet numbers.

How Helpful is the Betting Tipsters ?

Because there is little or no regulation guiding the activities of these  tipsters, its down to you the bettor to do some checks and balances to  determine if you will go with them or even pay for their betting tips. Do
they provide assitance in various ways when you request for it? Do they  have a live chat? Do they give out their premium bet predictions once in a  while?

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You have to determine their intentions towards you. Anything other than  your money for their truthful betting tips should be seriously looked at. You are paying for a service and should get all the after-sales services  that comes from doing so.

Tips from Lesser Known Leagues

Most betting tipsters limit their betting tips to the big leagues,  forgetting the lesse leagues. This goes to show that they are only  interested in the people with the big money, because these leagues attract  bettors with bigger staking bankroll. Its simple, they are not relying on  your fees, but something else. This will most likely be a share of the  losses you make.

Too Many Football Predictions

Its simple – nobody knows it all. But some betting tipsters offer betting  tips from 100% of all the matches of the day. This is incredible. We tend  to respect tipsters that focus on a small niche, like full time draws,
btts, draw no bet, half time, full time draws, etc. When we observe that a  tipster is offering bet predictions on virtually every single game, we lose  respect for such. You should watch these betting tips and their bet numbers sites carefully

Betting Tips by BetOnDraws

BetOnDraws has shown over the years that they are a profiting and reliable  tipster that provide profiting betting tips for their vip members. There is a dedicated section for best tip of the day where you can access best bets today and free super tips. During the beggining of the 2018/2019 football season, they proved to all how good they were by taking their draw tips to a neutral tipster crowd market and took the tipster world by storm. For  their small size, they have proven to be very reliable and most importantly, profitable. If you are new and want to test the waters with  full time draws, sign up for betondraws vip and get a new member discount. Join @BetOnDraws on twitter.

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