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How to Predict Draws in Soccer Games: Introducing Stalemate Miner v2.3

In order to predict draws, not all teams are born equal. While some work hard, others work smart. We are glad to inform the general public that we have increased our smartness and the results are outstanding.

The Artificial Intelligence machine that helps our team to predict soccer draw matches, the Stalemate Miner has been upgraded to v2.3 and the effect is being felt immediately, as it pin points draws that no one ever imagined. Also the frequency of assisting us pick draws has increased from 42% to over 50% correct draws per month. This is super!

Predicting Draws: Why our Stalemate Miner v2.3 has exceeded Expectations

In order to Predict Draws accurately, the stalemate miner has been programed to do multiple calculations. Lets walk you through some of what it does.

First it has an inbuilt Poisson Distribution calculator:
This is the semi-core of the machine we use to predict draws. It calculates the probability of games ending in draw using historical data pulled from hundreds of sites. It looks at strengths of the teams in attack, defence, midfield and more. You can see an online calculator here

Then the Kelly criterion:
According to Forebet, in soccer betting the Kelly criterion will do better than any essentially different strategy in the long run. It gives a factor to multiply betting “bank” to. The result of this multiplication is the amount of the betting “bank”, which we have to bet at the chosen game. So as a result of this strategy, we will have maximum reward at minimum successful bets. To predict draws, our system uses this to check if it will be sensible to bet using our staking system

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Connect to SoccerVista to get Team and League Form:
While this is one of the basic 8 steps in predicting soccer draws, yet human thinking has not been able to get it as accurate as should be. Our system automatically connects to soccervista and 16 other websites to aggregates these information, then runs it though other calculations.

Connects to Injuries and Suspensions to get list of injured or suspended players:
Its no secret that certain players make things happen for their team. While we may know when popular players in the five major leagues get injured, we sure do not have these information for the over 100 senior and junior leagues sctattered around the world. Thats why our Stalemate Miner connects to to get updates which it uses to run its calculations in order to get better accurate draw predictions.

Connects to Accuweather to get Match weather Condition and calculate Brier Score:
Brier Score is a measure of the effectiveness of weather predictions in soccer matches. According to this PINNACLE article, weather does play an important role in soccer match results. Our full time draw prediction machine connects to and pulls data of soccer game venues which it uses to run its calculations to predict draws. Talk about making passive income from weather!!!

Pulling Basic Team Data and Statistics:
Our stalemate Miner also connects to many web portals in order to pull and update its data about various aspects of virtaully every team and player in the professional soccer. These info form part of its draw calculation inputs. Some of the info it pulls and updates include:
Team Form
Team Fixtures (congested or spread out)
Match Referee
Importance of match outcome (Will either team be happy with a draw)
Miscellanour Issues (Derby?; New Stadium?; Hostile fans?; Head to Head History?;

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Getting Match Odds:
The odds on offer in every match is a reflection of the probability of the outcome of the match. But some times, the bookies try to use it to sway the senses of the bettor and try to confuse them. Our machine uses some intuitive algorithm to check on these odds and find out which is possible or not. That explains why it is able to pick draws at 4 odds, which is unthinkable in odds spread.

Then the Human Verification:
For all the hard work the machine does, our draw predictions tipsters also spend painstaking time to run through everything to ensure its humanly possible. Though sometimes we get to a point where we atuck between going with our desires vs the nachine highest desires, as humans, we finally decide on what to do.

BetOnDraws Stalemate Miner v2.3

To get to the success rate that is now obtained with the upgrade to v2.3, BetOnDraws spent countless hours with our team and some great and smart mathematicians and football enthusiasts. The resukt is a better prediction assistant and a promise of higher betting profits for you.

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