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Lay The Draw (12) Betting Tips

As a draw betting tipster, we have seen lots of betting enthusiasts who have shown interest in laying the draw strategy. Though the odds are smaller than the FT draw, predicting it will be easier for us.

The main argument is that, since we are the best full-time draw tipsters, we can as well release every other game that we don’t predict as draws to become 12 betting tips. Hahahaha, not so smart! Sports betting doesn’t work that way.

In this article, we will delve into Lay the draw tips (also known as 12 betting tips), and explore everything about it. In the end, you will understand how to win bets by using this strategy.

What is Lay The Draw Strategy?

Laying the draw betting tips is a double chance betting strategy in football (soccer) which means you are betting against the match ending in a draw. You are not interested in which team wins, all you want is for either side to win.

Simply put, you will win the bet if any of the 2 teams win, as long as the game does not end in a draw at the end. This strategy if followed religiously can be used as a passive income source.

Abbreviated as LTD, it’s a popular trading strategy for many bookmakers. Betfair lay the draw is a very popular LTD trade on the internet.

Lay The Draw Calculator

While there are many betting calculators out there, we do not believe that a lay the draw calculator will make more correct hits than the good old use of your brain.

Depending on a calculator for laying the draw may be counterproductive and maybe also expensive. Depending on your reason for backing the 12, it may be better to predict using the human brain as we do here at BetOnDraws.

However, you may benefit by using some betting software tools and statistical data that outline teams that have not drawn games in recent times.  This way, you are shown teams that are in the habit of either winning or losing.

Also if you use the in-game lay the draw strategy for trading, you may consider using match intensity apps. Unless you are following the game on tv, these apps simply show you the game momentum. If it’s swinging either way, chances are one side will win. But if it’s stuck around the middle, it means no side is putting pressure to win the match.

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laying the draw

Whether these can be referred to as lay the draw calculator or not is up to you. Though they can rightly be seen as lay the draw software or apps.

Lay The Draw Entry Points

There are different points/ times when you can enter and join a game if you aim to win by laying the draw. Let us look at some of these entry points.

Laying The Draw Pre-match

This strategy simply means placing your 12 bets before the game commences and either wait for the final result or cash-out at a point during the game. This strategy provides higher odds since your exposure to the betting risk is longer.

Lay The Draw In-play

With this 12 betting strategy, you can enter the game at any point and place your LTD bets, as long as the option is available. But be warned, the betting option may be shut out towards the tail end of the game if one of the teams is winning or if the win/loss by one team is very high.

The match score and the remaining time both determine the odds on offer while the game has commenced.

Lay The Draw at Half Time

This is somehow similar to in-play laying the draw. The major difference is that you place the LTD bets at halftime (when the first half is concluded and the second half is yet to start.

Laying The Draw Exit Strategies

If you are a bet trader, knowing when to exit a match using the cash-out system is very important. Using the cash-out exit strategy when laying the draw means you have calculated and seen that there is a profit on the card.

Here are some tips to know if you want to use the cash-out LTD exit strategy

Strong Comeback Team

During a match, if one team is leading (meaning your LTD bet is winning), it could be that the losing team makes a strong comeback bid, attacking the winning team. Looking at the game flow, you may decide to cash out and keep your profits before the losing team scores an equalizer.

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This lay the draw tips is mostly used when there is a one-goal difference and the losing team has mounted a strong challenge to equalize.

One Team Red Carded

When a team is winning (means your LTD is working) and a player of the winning team receives a red card, thereby unbalancing the number of players on the pitch, you may consider the cashout option.

There are only a few teams that can stand their own with 10 or fewer players against a complete team of 11. It may only be a matter of time before the losing team comes back and equalize.

Laying The Draw Match Selection Tips

If you are good at picking FT draws as we do here at or you are good in HT/FT draws, you can easily select matches for lay the draw betting tips.

Not that every other game is automatically good for 12 LTD tips, but you have to treat and select each match according to its own merit. Here are some tips to selecting good matches for this betting strategy.

Strong Team vs Weak Team

When one team is strong and comes up against a very weaker team, it’s most likely that the strong team is going to win, And as long as one team wins, the 12 betting tips have won.

A good example is when a team like Manchester City comes up against a lower league bottom team.

One thing though, the odds on these games are very low.

Swing Teams

There are certain teams whose style of play sees them rarely drawing a match. They mostly either win or lose. Laying the draw on such teams wins most of the time

Teams coached by Brendan Rodgers are a good example – Liverpool, Celtic, and Leicester. They were either blowing teams away or they lost miraculously or as expected.

Again, bookmakers know this fact, so the odds on 12 for these teams are very low.

Laying The Draw Using High Scoring Leagues

There are certain leagues that are known for sigh goals scoring. As we already established, matches with high goals rarely end in draws. So staking on matches from such leagues will most likely get you a win.

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draw betting tips

Examples of such leagues are Australia Leagues, German Leagues, Dutch Leagues. Then again, their 12 odds are very low due to their predictability.

Possible to Lay The Draw for a Living?

Because it seems easy to pick games that may likely not end in a draw, some bettors mistakingly assume they can use the 12 betting tips to make passive income for a living.

While this is possible, you have to understand that it is not as simple as it seems. If it were that easy, all bookies would have shut down due to losses. But they are still there, winning more than the payout.

The best option is to stick with a Lay The Draw Tipster who has a proven track record of a winning streak. In betting, a few losing streaks can run down your bankroll and bankrupt you.

If you are not sure of how to pick winning tips for laying the draw, by all means do not depend on the lay the draw for a living.

Lay The Draw with Insurance

Just because you are unable to get steady wins by picking the right lay the draw matches, it does not mean others can not. There are those who are very good at it and have mastered the art, so much so, that they can offer you lay the draw tips with insurance.

This does not mean that they cant lose once in a while, but their expertise is such that they win much much more than they lose. More in the region of 90-10.

In betting terms, this is more like insurance for laying the draw. And we at BetOnDraws will soon start this service because we know it very well.


While the lay the draw betting tips and strategy may seem easy, it can lead to bankruptcy. But also when done properly using the right selection strategy, it can be a smooth source of betting income.

You need a source of steady correct tips, and this can best be achieved by relying on those who are also good at picking draws.

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