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Betting Odds: How to Win Bigger by Manipulating Single Bets

Even as betting odds are getting manipulated by the bookmakers, there are now more people betting on draws using single bets since the odds on soccer full-time draw market is relatively higher than other markets. This has meant more losses to the bookies than it used to be.

Because of this increased winnings, bookies are reducing odds on draws and other markets that pay well on single bets. They will not want to remove the markets altogether, but they can reduce the odds to reduce their exposure to losses.

But there are still ways to win big odds, especially on draws. In fact, the trick we will share in this article will offer you more odds than was ever offered on full time draws. Read on.

Betting odds explained: How Odds work

Betting odds (and every other odds) is a representation of the probability of something happening. The bigger the odds, the lower the probability of the event happening, while the smaller the odds, means the more likelihood of the event happening.

In sports betting, these odds represent the amount of money being offered by bookmakers on particular events. The odds let you know the probability of the game ending as you predicted it and also the amount of money you stand to win if it does.

Difference Between Single Bets, Double Bets, Triple Bets, and Combo Bets

There are different types of bets used by punters to try to win more. Here
they are:

Single Bets

This is when bettors place bets on a single sports event (match). The main advantage of staking single bets is that it comes with reduced risk, Any risks are on a single match, rather than 2 or more matches. This is the best option to use in boosting betting odds,

Double Bets

As the name suggests, double bets are bets placed on 2 matches. For you to win, the two games must end as you predicted. If one wins while the second fails, you have lost the bet. The risk factor here is double and is higher than single bets/ But also the reward is higher because the winnings are calculated by multiplying odds from the 2 matches with the money you wager.

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Triple Bets

Again, as the name suggests, this involves placing bets on 3 sporting events. Just like double bets, the reward is much higher, but so also the risk factor.

Combo Bets

Combo bets are bets placed by staking on multiple sporting events same time. It may be the same sports or a combination of different sports. All the games have to end the way you predicted for you to win.

The reality of football betting odds today

The world of sports betting has changed greatly, Artificial Intelligence and the amount of sports data available enabled punters to win more by employing digital forecasting to win huge sums.

Here at Betondraws, we use AI and raw data to assist us in picking winning draws regularly. Other teams also use their own systems to win on their own chosen market.

All these have meant that the bookmakers pay out more in recent times than previously. If they continue this trend, they will go burst. SO they have been reducing odds in recent months and years.

As of 2018, the average odds for a full time draw was 3,14, but today this has dropped to 3.10. This may not look significant, but it is worse for leagues which produce more draws. Those leagues have seen their draw odds drop to as little as 2.60.

How to check odds using Odds Calculator

In calculating your potential wins, you have to check odds on the game(s) you want to stake in order to determine your potential wins. There are different ways to check odds in sports betting; You can use odds calculators or other simplified calculators. But in all, the arithmetic is simple – multiply your stake with the odds on offer.

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For instance, if you are doing a single bet and the odds on a game is 2.10 and you want to wager $50 on the event, then your odds calculation will look something like 2.10*$50 = $105 potential win.

If however, you are staking on double, triple, or combo bets, then you have to
multiply the amount with the individual betting odds for each game. Example here would be
– Game 1 = 2.10 odds
– Game 2 = 1.80 odds
– Game 3 = 1,68 odds

If you retain our $50 staking, then we have to check odds this way:
2.10*1.80*1.68*50 = $317.53 potential win.

Winning Odds Using soccer bet winning formula

The normal way betting tipsters like us advise bettors like you is to stake on the match before it starts. This way you are staking on the pre-match odds. While this is the standard way of betting, the bookmakers however are getting too smart and irritating by reducing the average odds they sell these games.

In many soccer bet winning formulas, punters have no option than to tag along and take whatever the bookies give then pre-game and hope it comes to pass. If it does, they are happy, otherwise, they count their losses. But it’s obvious that winning odds is being reduced by bookmakers across the board.

Various betting gurus and experts have tried many systems to reverse the trend and come up with ways to boost odds, which directly boosts the amount won. We will share an ingenious betting method with you in this article.

Manipulating Betting Odds for Bigger Wins with Single Bets

The system we want to share with you is a smart way of achieving bigger betting odds using single bets. It involves staking on the games when they are already on and a significant event happens in the game.

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But for this to work to your advantage, you have to use a reputable tipster as known for high winning predictions. When you sign up to such draw prediction service by betondraws, you are halfway through.

The next is to ensure the match has the Live Betting options. The live betting option is betting while the game is already on. You can wager on in-play events or final outcome of the match. Either way, you have to place the bets after the game has commenced.

The trick here is to watch out for outcomes in the match which runs contrary to the prediction by betondraws. When this happens, the odds always go up for the predictions by betondraws.

For instance, if Betondraws predicts that Liverpool will Draw with Man City, you may observe that the pre-game odds for draw maybe around 3.40. Now you wait for the game to commence and follow it up live.

You will observe that as soon as on of the teams scores a goal, the odds for
a draw will increase to between 3.90 to 5.50! When this happens, then you
can place your draw bet using live betting.

One factor that supports this betting system is that majority of draws end
in 1-1. So taking advantage of one team scoring to place your bet when the
odds has gobe high is a smart way of boosting the odds on a single game of

We hope you win more using this system to artificially increase your betting odds. If you need draw tips with the highest win rates known in the world of soccer betting, then click here to join Betondraws vip draw betting.

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