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How To Grow Your Betting BankRoll By Winning Regularly In Soccer

If you have been with us for about two weeks or more, you must have added some profits to your betting bankroll. As you know, our members are consistently making profits from betting by using our unique Draw Betting System. Over here, we use the phrase “As a BetOnDraws member, ITS IMPOSSIBLE NOT TO PROFIT”.

On the average, those that bet on our draw tips make an average of $2,300 profit monthly, and that is just for people whose starting base stake is just $20. With a bigger base stake, anyone can win much more than this. A member from Germany wins an average of $9,100 monthly. Its not rocket science, its made possible by our smart Draw Betting strategy. You may read how they do this consistently HERE.

But this post is not about selling our VIP Draw Prediction service to you, NO. We want to be sure you have started making profits from soccer betting. We want to be sure that your betting bankroll has improved like our other members. If you haven’t, then you are doing something wrong and need to change IMMEDIATELY! Our Blog, pages and regular email newsletters have educating materials that will set you on the winning path.

We want to be sure you are not left behind by the other members of the elite 10% who consistently earn passive income from Soccer Betting. We want to be sure you are not like Chilemba our Kenya friend, who like 90% of the rest of the betting world are making loss after loss.

While we will be sharing free betting tips with those of you in our mailing list, we also know some of you want higher odds and may want to do some personal predictions. We know that some of you are saving up to join our VIP Draw Prediction service. WE WANT TO HELP YOU in this regard also. So we will share with you some tips and strategies that will help you make smart decisions when doing your own predictions. If you follow them religiously, you will start to grow your bankroll. Lets go.

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Betting Bankroll is everything

This is the betting 101 course. There are soccer betting basics you must know. They include:
Current Form
Head to Head Records
Team Styles of Play
Team Discipline
Home & Away Records
Game Schedules
Injuries & Suspensions
Overall Team Quality
Psychology & Motivation.

Try to study these basics and you will find yourself ascending the betting win scale.


A lot of people lose their betting bankroll immediatelty after winning a bet. They try to use same method that got them the win and skyrocket the stake. They immediately lose everything again. Its wise to stick with a predetermined staking amount and betting bankroll management.

In our Draw Betting system, we recommend a base staking amount of $20 per game. If you stick religiously to it, you are sure to profit about $2,300 or more monthly. Those with bigger bankroll can earn more, but its all down to sticking to your guns when it comes to manaing your bankroll.

Never bet on a team because you love or hate th team. Bet because you want to make money. One of our tipsters is a die hard Liverpool FC fan but has only backed them in pne bet, and guess what? He lost. The idea is to focus solly on growing your gambling money. If backing Everton FC (Liverpool’s greatest foes) will make you money, by all means DO IT.

Many bettors lose money because they follow the betting crowd. There is a popular saying that “the mob don’t think”. This may come to play sometimes in sports betting. Last season, a Chelsea – Crystal Palace game was responsible for the loss of 0ver 98% of those that staked with accumulator. Most of them chose the same game. The odds were enticing and most went for it and failed.

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When odds are unnecessarily high and looks an easy pick, suspect it. It may very easyily be a bait. We have seen this countless times. While some say its match fixing, we believe the bookies are simply being smart.

While high odds may be suspect, we also know there are bets that come with uncommon value odds. This means that the odds are a bit higher than the industry average. It takes a lot of time and resources to fish them out, but when you do and trust it, do go for it. Such bets help to grow your gambling money much faster.

Most people overlook the bonuses and rewards offered by bookmakers. Its a simple way to profit, that is if you bet with the right betting strategy. Hunt down these bonuses today and take advantage. In the coming weeks, we will be pointing out these bonuses to our email subscribers.

See those handsome guys in jackets and jeans and their beautiful ladies that analyse soccer games? Don’t go with most of their predictions. They do it with emotions as fans or former players. Soccer betting is serious business and should not be mixed with emotions. While some of their predictions are correct, their value predictions are mostly wrong.

We can’t say this enough. Some people have been using a betting strategy for so long, yet they havent made any significant profits, yet they stick with it. That is why we moved into draw betting. We didn’t start with it, but when we weren’t making headway with former strategies, we discovered Draw Betting and as we added our unique twist to it and it paid off regularly, we stuck.

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There they are. There are a few more, but we will cover them as we move along. As always, the idea is to make profits CONSISTENTLY. After growing your betting bankroll, you have to be making money from this business otherwide you are doing something wrong or you are with the wrong people. A lot of our members are making a living via sports betting. If you desire same, then take action today and join us.

We will like to hear from you. Email us or follow us on twitter. Tell us your soccer betting good news or challenges. Together we will help you solve them so you join the few of us who make a decent living from sports betting.

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