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Draw in Either Half – New Betting Market

We are glad to inform our VIP members and the general betting public of the birth of our new prediction market, the DRAW IN EITHER HALF. This is an abetting market we have studied for a while and our tests have shown positive results.

What is Draw in EIther Half?

Draw in either half betting market means that you are backing that either the first half or second half of the football game will end in a draw. This could be 0-0, 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, etc. The final result doesn’t matter. What matters is that either half of the match must end in a draw for you to win the wager.

We can strongly say that this will bring easy wins for our VIP members. Its easy money and can be seen as a passive income from betting.

Why we are starting with this Betting Market

Our research team analyzed our full time draw records and found out that over 85% of our full-time draw predictions deliver draw in the first or second half, In fact the majority are first half draws. Also for the games that actually go on to end in a draw, over 92% of them also have draw in either half. So we decided to create this betting prediction and offer it to our esteemed users.

What are the odds on Draw in Either Half?

The odds for the draw in either half betting market is not as big as the draw for the full time draws. While FT Draw odds average about 3.12 odds, the draw in either half odds is between 1.30 and 1.60. This may not look big, but the success rates mean that accumulating 3 or 4 games will easily be getting to 3 odds, which is very reasonable.

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Considering that our success rate for the draw in either half is high, we are very confident that punters will embrace it to grow their bankroll quickly.

What are the charges for Draw in Either Half Prediction?

We haven’t come up with a pricing formula for it yet. For now, we are going to be offering it free to our VIP members and also ones in a week, we throw it in for those in our email list as well as our Telegram channel.

When we do come up with pricing for it, we will let everyone know about it. But for now, enjoy it while it’s free.

To get this draw in either half predictions for free every day (while it’s available), all you have to do is subscribe to our Full-Time Draw package. We will send the new predictions along with our regular full time draw predictions to your registered email or WhatsApp.

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