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Sports Betting Major Mistake: Impatience And Over Expectation

In Sports Betting, there are millions of rookie sports bettors who are living in fantasy land, thinking they can just walk in today and hit the jackpot millions tomorrow. Once in a long while, they come across a rare story of a lucky bettor who has won some handsome amount and immediately believe they can also do same. This leads them to many more sports betting mistakes which automatically leads to failure and more losses.

We will state it here again: sports betting is a business and a source of living for some experienced bettors and a full time business for the sportsbooks (the betting companies that pay you when you win or take the money when you lose. Realistacly, do you expect the sportsbooks to sit down and watch you take away all their money? That is not gonna happen! Just put yourself in their shoes.

What is Patience in Sports Betting?

Patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering (losses) without becoming annoyed or anxious. It is often overlooked as a key component of making money from sports betting. Being able to calculate expected value and beat the closing line is obviously important but in an environment that can be influenced by randomness and luck, bettors also need to be patient.

The bookies have a major trick – they lure you in with some beautiful odds, then you fall for it. Some will work for you, many will work for them. Those that are serious in sports betting and those that take it as
a source of livlihood know this and they strategies on ways that will make them win more and the bookies win less. By doing this, at the end of the day, they are in good profit. Also they try to imbibe sports betting most essential virtues – PATIENCE That is the difference between serious bettors like BetOnDraws VIP members and rookie bettors.

While serious bettors are patient enough, building up their sports betting profits little by little, knowing that greed and over expectation can make them lose all, the rookie bettor wants it big here and now. The rookie bettor wants to use $1 and win $1,000,000 every week! The rookies don’t even mind risking their full bankroll on free ACCA betting tips

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The simple truth is that, if that happens everytime, the bookies will go bankrupt and close down. Just think about it. That is why they set the odds to their favour. Its left for you to sieve through all the games and select the more likely games you can win, not the most juicy.

The Virtue of Patience in Sports Betting

In an article titled ‘The Virtue of Patience in Sports Betting’, Virgil Townsend, an avid sports bettor has this to say:”As we should all know by now, success in sports betting relies on many factors. There are countless factors that are completely out of your control, so you really have to manage the factors you do have control of. One of the most important things that will help you become a more profitable long-term bettor is to have patience. A highly interesting aspect of sports betting for beginners are the emotional highs and lows that come with it”

over expectation and impatience in sports betting

He went on to write “The highs that come with good wins are obviously the most enjoyable, but for a lot of bettors, it is the wins that come after some tough losses that are the most rewarding.

Virgil continued “There’s nothing wrong at all with getting enjoyment from the emotional roller coaster that is associated with betting. However, if you want to be a profitable long-term bettor, then it is of utmost importance to keep your emotions level regardless of what happens”

What he is saying here is about those bettors that don’t keep to a certain betting priciple. They move from one system to another, from one strategy to another, from a set staking to another. This way, they will rarely make any reasonable passive income from sports betting, talk more of profit.

Virgil concluded by writing “If you consider yourself a patient person, then keep that patience up for when you’re betting. If you consider yourself impatient, do think about the consequences, and specifically, what it may mean for your prospects in betting. It is easier said than done, but you can definitely work on your patience, and in the long-term, it will pay huge dividends”

Also Benjamin Cronin who examins betting trends and techniques amongst other things, says that sports betting for a living must not be about the big winning, life-changing moments. He states that “Patience is also an essential trait for any serious bettor”

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On why bettors need to be patient, Cronin wrote ” So even when you have a winning edge and a good strategy like Betting on Draws, you still need to be prepared to wait for the positive results. It all has to do with focus. The fact that you have found a profitable strategy in sports betting does not mean you will not lose some! The major objective is to win more and lose less, this way you become profitable in the long run.

We have seen a few bettors join our BetOnDraws Full Time Draw Prediction and not stay the cource. They will win some and be happy. But once they lose a few, they bolt. And not long after they move away, the winning starts coming back. It shows impatience at its highest.

There is no sports betting system in the world that will guarantee you a steady win without a loss. What you should be bothered with is the percentage of winnings versus the percentage of losses. If the winning margin outnumbers the loss marging, then stick with it. Don’t stop because you had a bad day or two.

Long-term success Vs. Short-term profit

Benjamin Cronin compared the mentality behind Short-term profit and Long-term success:
One cognitive bias that patience can help bettors control is hyperbolic discounting – the tendency to choose an immediate payoff over a larger gain that will take longer to achieve. This notion is perhaps best expressed when looking at staking methods and the fact that different betting profiles are suited to a particular method. Some bettors want the instant big win and will bet their maximum bankroll at once; even if there’s a big risk of going bust.

over valuing of favourites and impatience in sports betting

Waiting for what you know is coming

Cronin concluded by beconing on bettors to be smart and intelligent by sticking with a system that works and guarantees long term success over short term profits. He wrote:

In short, bettors need to be patient and “see the bigger picture”. If you have positive expected value but still suffer losses, you need to understand that it is merely a sequence of losses in a bigger sample that will produce a profit.

He went on to coclude that “Betting is about getting an edge over the bookmaker, . . . in addition to a “winning formula” you have to be patient enough to see the desired results – betting isn’t a lottery, you won’t become a millionaire over night”

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The Other Mistakes Bettors Make in Sports Betting

While impatience is the major mistake that rookie sports bettings enthusiasts make, there also others. we list some here:

Not Doing Enough Research

Rookie sports betting enthusiasts always make the mistake a backing a team based on reputation, and not by doing research. This has led to many losses.
Luckily for our VIP members, we do the research for them so they dont have to. We have an extensive team of experienced sports betting gurus who take all the time to analyse and research games before coming out with games sent to our VIP members to bet with. Also we have the luxury of calling on our Artificial Intelligent machine, specifically built for sports betting prediction. This has meant that our VIP members have more winnings than losses, leading to consistent profits.

Chasing Big Odds

chasing big odds and impatience in sports betting

Most times, inexperienced bettors chase the big odds and end up losing. The big odds are a bait, know that. But as we know, we at BetOnDraws know where to cut it. We know when the odds are a bait and when to actually chase it. This is so because we have many resources to analyse everything related to sports betting.

Overvaluing Favourites.

We have seen instances where we sent out tips to our VIP members based on our extensive research, but one or two went ahead and bet in favour of their perceived “favourite team”. Needless to say
that they lost.
It is not in every situation that the favourite wins in sports betting. There are countless factors that can make then either draw or loss. That is why our members are adviced to stick with our tips. We give them out after extensive research which they may not have the resources and time to go into.


Rounding up, we ask everyone involved in sports betting to imbibe patience, a very big one. It is the single most important virtue in becoming a long term success!

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